Start in September, 2019! Welcome to Shandong Polytechnic College! English teaching for 1820 years old students!

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Start in Sep, 2019! English Teacher needed in Jining, Shandong –Shandong Polytechnic College!
English Teacher needed in Jining Shandong Jining is the hometown of Confucius, Mencius and a cultural city. Shandong Polytechnic College is located in Jining. The college has almost 70 years history. The college is a famous university for the training of skilled talents and high-quality vocational college in Shandong Province. Shandong Polytechnic College has made significantly development in international education. The college has two branches school in Australia and Thailand. The college is also Vice Chairman of China Vocational Education Association for Foreign Cooperation, Shandong Education Department International Education training base, and Australia Price water house Coopers International Talent Training Base. In 2018 the college was awarded Top 50 international influence institutions in higher vocational college’

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