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Academic Manager Duties A’s China Region
Administrative Responsibilities
1. Hold weekly meetings. Communicate with Chinese management regarding information that should be imparted to teaching staff.
2. Collect, proofread and distribute CCs, student evaluations a nd report cards.
3. Check monthly clock-i n cards and submit to payroll.
4. Monthly absentee cards and submit to payroll.
5. Ensure that classrooms and school are decorated.
6. Conducting teacher’s evaluations (monthly an d performance)
7. Assist in sourcing teachers in local circles
Academic Responsibilities
1. Upholding the school’s academic standards.
2. Holding teacher’s meetings for improving school opera tion and increasing communication between teache rs and management.
3. Substitute teaching whenever necessary.
4. Design tests for students when necessary.
5. Doing classroom rounds and making sure all teachers are followi ng the cu rriculum to ensu

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