Guangzhou public High school is looking for 1 English and 1 Science teacher May2019

Guangzhou Sanyang Consulting

To Apply visit this link:
Location Prov.-City-Dist. Guangzhou Guangzhou
School Type Public
School-Running Permit Available
Course/Teaching Materials English, Science; Provided
Current FTs Around 20
Student Ages15-18
Student Numbers Several hundred
Weekly Class Hrs/ Work Hrs25
Weekly Days Off 2 Ds
Paid Annual Leave10 paid sick leave days
Summer Vacation Ds/ No pay
Winter Vacation Ds/No pay According to public schools vacations
Recruiting Numbers1 for English1 for science’s
AFT Types English Native Speakers with Work Visa
Post/Subject English; Science
Attaching Experience Unlimited With certain experience
Gender/ Age Under 22-60
Degree / Major Bachelor or Above English teacher needs Bachelor degree and TESOLScience teacher needs Bachelor degree
Negotiable Take-home Payabout 18 K
Housing Subsidy or Apt. Provides accommodation
Alight Subsidy Negotiable Provides a return ticket from home country to school location Ar

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