Hangzhou International school is looking for High School Placement Counsellor, High salary

Guangzhou Sanyang Consulting

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/8c033d

Head of High School Placement Office/ High School Placement Counsellor

Position Description:

The Head of High School Placment Office / High School Placement Counsellor is responsible for cooperating with students and parents to prepare the documents and interviews for entering into their target ted schools, liaison with high schools in US/UK/Australia/New Zealand etc. to arrange the annual Ed ucation Fair and Meeting the Admission Officer Events or school site visits, delivering presentations in such events, preparing the school’ s guide book, department management and other work assigned by Principals.

Job responsibilities:
Assessment/Study Plan design:
² Assess students’ academic ability, English ability and general ambitions.
² Evaluate their personality and hobb ies.
² Speak to parents to get a full picture on the child, their long-term aims for their c

To apply for this job please visit cips.io.