We need ESL teacher, All across China, experience is preferred, but not a mustUp to 28K

You Teach

To Apply visit this link: https://cips.io/8cb4f7
Company Information
Name: TEFL Society
Types of schools: Mostly Jidda’s training center opportunities, some kindergarten, primary school, adult teaching positions available
Cities: Our schools are spread over 70 cities across China and 1 in Cambodia, you can let us know your preference for the type of environment you would like to work in
Harbin Dalian Beijing Tianjin Xi’an Hengshui Chengdu Wuhan Suzhou Shanghai Hangzhou Kunming Changsha Nanchang Xiamen Nanning Guangzhou Shenzhen Foshan Huizhou Guiyang Yueyang Neijiang Jinghua Lin’an.
Programs: Primarily English teaching, a few positions as math, science, or music teachers

Job description
Job title: English Teacher;
You will teach for about 20 hours per week (Sometimes less)
You will have a five-day workweek, most positions have two weekdays off while Sat & Sun are working days.
Most classes will consist of groups ranging from 3-12 years ol

To apply for this job please visit cips.io.